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  • 7pm: Sign-Ups For Open Pool Tournament Begins – Entry Fee $10 per player
  • 7pm: FREE Early Bird Pool Tournament Begins
  • Calcutta for Open Pool Tournament Begins Immediately After Early Bird Tourney
  • then Chance to win $500 in the Eight On The Break Bonus Round
  • Open Pool Tournament Begins

Early Bird Pool Tournament

  • NO ENTRY FEE for the Early Bird Tournament – It's FREE!
  • Single elimination
  • Race to top two
  • Pays a cash prize for 1st place

Eight On The Break Bonus Round

  • Players that pay an entry fee into the Wednesday Open Pool Tournament for that day are automatically entered into the Eight On The Break Bonus Round.
  • Before the start of the Wednesday Open Pool Tournament, players will get one attempt to make the Eight Ball from a legal break.
  • A valid Eight On The Break win requires that the balls be racked by the Tournament Official / Honky Tonk Texas Staff
  • A miscue counts as a valid break attempt
  • $500 payout for a valid Eight On The Break is typically paid out by check. The $500 prize will only be paid out once per month. Once the $500 prize has been won for a month, any remaining Eight On The Break Bonus Rounds played on remaining Wednesdays in that month will have a $100 prize. No prize money rolls over to other months.
  • If a player makes a valid Eight On The Break and other players remain in that round with an attempt at the Eight On The Break, the remaining players will still get to make their break attempt. If multiple players make a valid Eight On The Break in any one round, those players will equally split the prize money.
  • All decisions by the tournament official / Honky Tonk Texas management are final.